Online Business Management

Business Management rates are £35 p/h payable monthly in advance. Due to the comprehensive nature of the work, we ask for a minimum commitment of 20 hours per month for a 3 month min contract.

Project Management

Project Management rates are dependent on the scope of work. Please ask for pricing.


Procurement rates are £30 p/h.

General Admin

General Admin tasks are charged at £25 p/h with a minimum of 1 hour required.

Transcription work is charged at £1.25 per audio minute for 2 speakers with a minimal background noise. Add an additional £0.10 for each additional speaker and for noisy backgrounds.

Retainer rates are available as follows:

Bronze – 10 hours per month @ £240

Silver – 20 hours per month @ £460

Gold – 30 hours per month @ £660

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